Hope 4 Cancer Kids (HCK) was founded in 2008 by James Nyaga, the father of a child fighting cancer at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).  As a result of his own experience as a parent, facing denial and shock at his child receiving a cancer diagnosis, he decided to approach the management of KNH to arrange a Family Fun Day.  The objective was to provide families with some levity during a very serious time, and to allow children to forget, for one day, that they were fighting for their lives in an oftentimes very painful way.

HCK is currently registered as a Civil Society under the societies act of Kenya. Our National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Support Program is our defining initiative. We raise funds to support children and adolescents from low-income backgrounds that are unable to access quality cancer treatment due to the prohibitive costs. HCK pays insurance cover through NHIF. This covers in-patient and out-patient hospital fees in public hospitals for the child and their family. We are also involved in Advocacy, psychosocial support, and awareness creation.

Our Impact
In 2022 we supported an average of 180 children monthly, up from 16 in 2008. Our goal is to ensure that every child in Kenya has access to comprehensive, cancer treatment. In December 2022 alone we supported 259 children. Our goal is to support 500 children a month with NHIF and reduce the cancer burden by providing timely, comprehensive cancer treatment.

Organization Statement

Cure for Every Child, Care for Every Family

Together, Lets Save Lives!


Timely & Affordable Cancer Care for Every Child in Kenya!


Ensuring access to care, knowledge & resources for every child affected!


  • People Centered – We put patients, family, staff, donor and stakeholder needs at the centre of our work.
  • Integrity – We  do everything with transparency  and we take responsibility.
  • Respect - We value and hold in high esteem everyone we work with.
  • Empathy - Our passion is driven by commitment to help and effect change.