Program & Services


  • Awareness and advocacy – Hope for Cancer Kids conducts  workshops to create awareness about childhood cancer symptoms, what to do and where to get help. We also advocate to relevant authorities on the need to give childhood cancer priority and funding. We believe that childhood cancer is curable if diagnosed early and appropriate and timely treatment  administered.
  • Medical Insurance Cover – Childhood cancer knows no barriers. Majority of cancer cases are  from poor families that cannot afford the basic insurance cover. To ensure the child gets timely treatment, we fully pay  National hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF for the affected children and their families.  As a result, we have increased the number of children receiving uninterrupted treatment and we hope to see an increase in survival rates. We plan to roll out this programme to cover the whole of Kenya. Kindly partner with us to realize this goal.
  • Kids and Family Fun Day – Play is good for kids, even when they are sick. They like playing and interacting with their peers and family members. Kids and Family Fun Day is an ideal event where children  experience the homely environment away from the painful medical procedures. Kindly partner with us in making the young patients  lead normal kids through play during this day held regularly across the year.
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  • Family and Caregivers Support Group – Childhood cancer diagnosis is devastating news to the entire family. HCK strives to support the affected families by offering an interactive forum where each family shares their experiences. We invite childhood cancer specialist to offer professional guidance to the families in a free  environment. We  have found this to be the best way to help the families cope with childhood cancer diagnosis.